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  • CLEANDASTIC Fabric Spray

    Revitalise your fabrics with Cleandastic Fabric Spray, featuring odour-neutralising technology for a refreshing experience. Our specially formulated spray is designed to eliminate tough odours and bacteria, leaving behind a pleasant scent that lingers for hours. Experience long-lasting freshness with every spray. Key Features: Odour-neutralising technology effectively eliminates unpleasant odours from […]

  • The Fragrance-Free Odour Remover Disinfectant with odour-neutralising compound is your ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted odours while ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. Meticulously crafted, our formula tackles stubborn odours, neutralising them to leave behind a fresh and neutral scent that revitalises any space. Key Features: Powerful odour removal: effectively […]

  • Cleandastic Multi Surface Cleaner

    Cleandastic Multi Surface Cleaner offers a natural solution for a cleaner, healthier home. Our formula harnesses the power of nature to effectively clean and sanitise surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.  Key Features: Gentle yet powerful formula effectively removes dirt, grease, and stains from a variety of surfaces, including […]

  • The Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaner Spray, your ultimate solution for quick and effortless kitchen cleaning! Our powerful, fast-acting formula effectively cuts through grease, grime, and food residue with just a single swipe, leaving your surfaces spotless and gleaming. Key Features: Superior degreasing power effectively removes tough grease and grime from kitchen […]

  • pet perfume 2

    The Cleandastic Pet Perfume is specially formulated with odour-neutralising technology to ensure your furry friend stays fresh and clean. Key Features: odour-neutralising compound to neutralise and eliminate unpleasant odours, leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent. Alcohol-free and mild fragrance to ensure your pet smells fresh without overwhelming their sensitive […]

  • CLEANDASTIC Shoe Foam Cleaner

    Our Shoe Foam is the ultimate solution for keeping your footwear clean and fresh. Our innovative formula is designed to penetrate deep into shoe fibres, effectively lifting and removing dirt, grime, and odours. Key Features: Deep-cleaning formula thanks to powerful cleaning agents that penetrate deep into shoe fibres to effectively […]