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    • CLEANDASTIC Fabric Spray

      ▫️ Cleandastic Fabric refresher penetrates deep into fabric and eliminates odours as it dries and removes 99% of  odour-causing bacteria. ▫️ A fast-acting formula to break down and neutralizing tough odours. Where to use: ✅ Fabric Clothing ✅ Curtains ✅ Bedding / Mattress ✅ Sofa ✅ Carpet / Rug ✅ Shoes […]

    • 200ml Odour Remover Disinfectant helps : ✅ Removes foul odours. ✅ Spray on a smelly area such as toilet, trashcan, tobacco smoke areas, and let it eliminates odours! ✅ 99.99% germs ✅ A multi-use spray with the fresh and clean fragrance ✅ Fragrance free. This product has no fragrance, great […]

    • Cleandastic Multi Surface Cleaner

      CLEANDASTIC Multi-Surface Cleaner 200ml ✅ Eliminates Dirt, Germs & Odour Instantly ✅ Works on any surface. Spray to clean, disinfect and deodorize countertops and furniture. ✅ Cleans hard surfaces, disinfects, and deodorizes fabrics for a healthy, hygienic home. ✅ All-round protection for baby and home ✅ No artificial fragrance, no […]

    • Purpose Kitchen Cleaner Spray, your ultimate solution for quick and effortless kitchen cleaning! Our powerful, fast-acting formula effectively cuts through grease, grime, and food residue with just a single swipe, leaving your surfaces spotless and gleaming. ✅ Formulated to tackle even the toughest kitchen stains and grime. ✅ Multipurpose cleaner […]

    • pet perfume 2

      ▫️ 200ml Pet Freshener with Chamomile Honey fragrance is a pet odour removing agent. ▫️ Perfect to eliminate unpleasant pet odours while keeping their furry safe. ▫️ Effective in removing the toughest odours, including urine, feces, and vomit. ✅ Multipurpose ✅ Cleans, Sanitises, Adds Shine & Deodourises ✅ Pet Friendly […]

    • CLEANDASTIC Shoe Foam Cleaner

      200ml Shoe Foam Cleaner is a quick way to clean your shoes. ✅ Designed to penetrate deep into the shoe’s fibers, lifting away dirt and stains. ✅ Effectively whiten shoes and remove dirt’s. ✅ Suitable for leather, PVC, mesh or canvas shoes. Available in 2 types: 1️⃣ White shoes 2️⃣ […]