• CLEANDASTIC Fabric Spray

    Revitalise your fabrics with Cleandastic Fabric Spray, featuring odour-neutralising technology for a refreshing experience. Our specially formulated spray is designed to eliminate tough odours and bacteria, leaving behind a pleasant scent that lingers for hours. Experience long-lasting freshness with every spray. Key Features: Odour-neutralising technology effectively eliminates unpleasant odours from […]

  • RM0.99RM6.90

    The Fragrance-Free Odour Remover Disinfectant with odour-neutralising compound is your ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted odours while ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. Meticulously crafted, our formula tackles stubborn odours, neutralising them to leave behind a fresh and neutral scent that revitalises any space. Key Features: Powerful odour removal: effectively […]

  • RM0.99RM6.90

    The Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaner Spray, your ultimate solution for quick and effortless kitchen cleaning! Our powerful, fast-acting formula effectively cuts through grease, grime, and food residue with just a single swipe, leaving your surfaces spotless and gleaming. Key Features: Superior degreasing power effectively removes tough grease and grime from kitchen […]

  • pet perfume 2

    The Cleandastic Pet Perfume is specially formulated with odour-neutralising technology to ensure your furry friend stays fresh and clean. Key Features: odour-neutralising compound to neutralise and eliminate unpleasant odours, leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent. Alcohol-free and mild fragrance to ensure your pet smells fresh without overwhelming their sensitive […]

Get the Cleanest Home with Cleandastic’s Range of Premium Cleaning Products

Welcome to – your home for superior cleaning solutions. We offer a diverse range of premium cleaning products, specifically designed to make your cleaning tasks simpler and more effective. Whether you’re searching for high-performing liquid dishwashers, odour eliminating fabric sprays, or versatile multi-surface cleaners, we’ve got you covered. Our carefully curated selection ensures that you get nothing but the best when it comes to maintaining a clean and fresh environment in your home or office. At, we believe in combining quality, efficiency, and convenience to help you create a space that’s not only clean but also a joy to live and work in.

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